Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sci-Fi Acrylic

DING DING, round two, suckaz. This one's dedicated to a single project, still from media, that I had fun with. That's right, you liberal art school pansies, I have fun while I work. Booyakasha.

Painted in acrylic.
The assignment was "Sci-Fi/Fantasy," very open, very do-whatever-you-like, very fun.

Ok, I'm going to walk you guys through my whole process. Sort of. IT STARTS OFF in the upper left hand corner
of that first image; just a thumbnail, just an idea. Below it, you had a close second for the final decision
of what to take all the way, that being Space Monkey vs. Space Velociraptor. The composition is worked
up a bit, and then traken to a much larger piece of paper, and tightly rendered.
THIS HAPPENS IN ALL MY PIECES regardless of what medium I use.

Once I've got it drawn out to my liking, I can it into the computer, and print out like 10 copies, since I'm
roughly 90% guaranteed to screw up at least once. One of those copies is matte medium-ed down to a
board, and I throw a darker tone over the whole thing, so I can draw everything out INTO the light. I hate
working the other way around. Never really turns out nicely for me.  From here on out, it's essentially a slow
process of working dark-to-light

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