Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watercolor, Gouache

Wussup chumps? Day two of the old-art-onslaught (old, of course, meaning done in the last couple months). Here's some stuff I've done for Brooke Olivares's (spelling?) advanced media class. There are a couple pen and ink ones I've left out, only because I don't quite know where they are. Regardless, you fools are getting a double dosage tonight, simply because one post can't handle this ish.

Watarcolor portraits was the assignment, so that's what I did.
After hours of scouring Google Images, I found what I thought were
three of the ugliest, goofiest, most interesting mugs in the history
of basball. Couple tweaks here and there, and Bob's your uncle.
Rory, Dad, I'm sorry about the teams, that's just
how it worked out.

Never touched gouache before, but I've grown to like it.
Master copy portraits; the miner was done by the late, great,
Norman Rockwell, the fat sailor was done by...the other...late,
great, Dean Cornwell.

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