Monday, December 17, 2012

Semester wrap-up.

Listen up, bums. First semester of senior year is over.
This is how I finished. "Modern-Day Gladiator"


Monday, December 3, 2012


Howdy, mouth-breathers. Here's another one; Modern-Day Wizard. Mixing
potions and whatnot for the crackheads out on 41. Enjoy.

Ok, now, here's the original, in all it's pencil-y glory, with a dash of photoshop magic.

This one is the original pencil modified a little bit with some darks.

Este uno tiene un poquito de colores thrown into it.

I received mixed reviews on all three.

Little N.C. Wyeth

Ok, bottom-feeders, I decided to try something a little new this time; my approach to this project
was completely different than it usually is. It's called the Modern-Day Pirate, and I thought to myself
"Who knows about pirates? N.C. Wyeth does."
So I looked at his ish while doing this number. I don't know how much y'all will like it.

Oh, wait, yes I do: a lot.


It's not perfect, but I'll admit I got caught up in the technique
a little too much, perhaps, and didn't focus enough on
how i would go about doing it.
It's different, it's new, I gave it a shot.

Monday, November 12, 2012


This one goes out to all you lowbrowed knuckle-draggers (I'm looking at you, Carl). Project we just did, no requirements, I call it the Modern-Day Hunter. Probably one in a series of 4 similarly themed pieces. 

Photoshop, fool.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Self Portrait, SUCKAZ

Gather 'round, nerds. Just recently, we were assigned our senior portrait, the one that's gonna go on the big poster.



There were no requirements or

Thank you, Calle 13, for Muerte en Hawaii.


Thursday, October 18, 2012



Everybody know that the kid straight hustlin, 30 on my shhh cuz I look like Justin.
Bieber on my wrist and them girls straight love it. Girls drop it low cuz you know we want something.
Everybody know Justin Bieber is my cousin
Straight westside young Basedgod it's nothing. 55 Bieber,
swag off the meter, 50 on my shhh cuz I look like Bieber

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Couple o' Things

Here's a couple little nuggets I did just sorta recently. The assignment was editorial (choose 2 articles and illustrate them accordingly).

This was an article all about players in the NHL flopping to draw a penalty
and just how lame that junk is. For those that don't's really lame.


This article was titled "Coaches Not Allowed to Bully Replacement Refs" or
something like that. It had "coaches," "bully," and "refs," in it. That's all that
really matters.

Pen and Ink.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buncha Junk

Alright you hoodlums, this is a whole bunch of portraits handled in various different ways from last year (most of which done in my advanced media class). Just thought I'd put some stuff that hasn't seen the light of day up for y'all.

Oil paint.

Oil prints from a sheet of glass on some nice paper.
Reference taken from these cool old-fashioned mugshots of
Australian criminals.

Master copies of Norman Rockwell and Dean Cornwell,
redone by Sean Monaghanwell.

Ink print from a linoleum board.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


What up, playaz? Bad news: I've decided to give up art. Psych, gotcha. Here's some new stuff to look at.

The assignment was to choose and illustrate any poem by one of three different poets.
I chose "Death Shall Have No Dominion" by Dylan Thomas. As far as I know, it's all about 
being comfortable with death and whatnot. This is how I visualized it. Oh, and it's done in
acrylic paints on a board.

Here's just some detes on the faces and junk. I like how it turned out.
No harm in taking a little pride.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

El Luchador

Sup, chumps? It's been a while, but I'm back in business. I might be posting work from last year as well, but I'm starting you goofballs off with the first project of the year so far.

Alter-Ego Assignment. I conveniently moonlight as a
champion luchador, so coming up with an idea wasn't 
really that hard for me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jungle Babe

Alright dweebs, here's my latest work. It's still from during the school year, so it isn't necessarily "new." Regardless, here it is. May or my not update with the process work. Enjoy.

Oh, and he assignment was "make something sequential, involving at least one character."


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Greatest battle ever...? You decide.

Here's the deal, nerds: Godzilla's talking a bunch of sh*t about Steve Irwin (AKA the world famous Croc Hunter) with all his ugly, radioactive monster buddies, saying stuff about Steve's mom and whatnot. Steve doesn't like what he's hearing, kicks Godzilla's kiester. Any questions?
Same method used as in the sci-fi acrylic project a few posts back.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sci-Fi Acrylic

DING DING, round two, suckaz. This one's dedicated to a single project, still from media, that I had fun with. That's right, you liberal art school pansies, I have fun while I work. Booyakasha.

Painted in acrylic.
The assignment was "Sci-Fi/Fantasy," very open, very do-whatever-you-like, very fun.

Ok, I'm going to walk you guys through my whole process. Sort of. IT STARTS OFF in the upper left hand corner
of that first image; just a thumbnail, just an idea. Below it, you had a close second for the final decision
of what to take all the way, that being Space Monkey vs. Space Velociraptor. The composition is worked
up a bit, and then traken to a much larger piece of paper, and tightly rendered.
THIS HAPPENS IN ALL MY PIECES regardless of what medium I use.

Once I've got it drawn out to my liking, I can it into the computer, and print out like 10 copies, since I'm
roughly 90% guaranteed to screw up at least once. One of those copies is matte medium-ed down to a
board, and I throw a darker tone over the whole thing, so I can draw everything out INTO the light. I hate
working the other way around. Never really turns out nicely for me.  From here on out, it's essentially a slow
process of working dark-to-light

Watercolor, Gouache

Wussup chumps? Day two of the old-art-onslaught (old, of course, meaning done in the last couple months). Here's some stuff I've done for Brooke Olivares's (spelling?) advanced media class. There are a couple pen and ink ones I've left out, only because I don't quite know where they are. Regardless, you fools are getting a double dosage tonight, simply because one post can't handle this ish.

Watarcolor portraits was the assignment, so that's what I did.
After hours of scouring Google Images, I found what I thought were
three of the ugliest, goofiest, most interesting mugs in the history
of basball. Couple tweaks here and there, and Bob's your uncle.
Rory, Dad, I'm sorry about the teams, that's just
how it worked out.

Never touched gouache before, but I've grown to like it.
Master copy portraits; the miner was done by the late, great,
Norman Rockwell, the fat sailor was done by...the other...late,
great, Dean Cornwell.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Christmas Illustration

I hope y'all are ready for a waterfall of old material that is FINALLY coming into light. After almost a full-semester dry spell, I'll be dropping all the artwork that has remained in hiding until now. For tonight, I'll hit you guys with some illustration stuff. Keep in mind that, while this isn't necessarily a whole lot, I'm currently working on 2 projects, and may or may not have a third to accompany those for the end of the year.

This was the first assignment of the semester. We had to
illustrate what we got for Christmas. My brothers and I
gave each other money out of our wallets, among other