Thursday, February 16, 2017

Couple o' Joe

Morning, dilweeds. Here's a couple portraits I did.
One for fun, one for money. Try and figure out which
is which, dummy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

TUTORIAL TIME: How to Stop Sucking with Your Art (Lesson 1)

A lot of you frequent my blog because you hate yourselves,
I know. But the rest of you come here because you want to
learn how to do things like me.

Here's how:

Monday, May 23, 2016


This lady could wubbadubbaworkworkwork
on my lanky ass any day of the week

Thursday, November 19, 2015

So you think you can dance?

Been working on my Knuckle Puck technique lately.
Not quite at Keenan-quality, but I'm well on my way.
You'll know that I've nailed it when you see me on
the tele being arrested for hustling kids in local roller
hockey games. Stupid kids.

(subtext is just a picture of the Great Wall of China)

Phone Demeanor:
Almost felt attacked by the lady who answered the phone. Like, I don’t know if she’s been having a rough day or something, but don’t come at me with that shit. I’ve almost never heard someone so aggressively answer a phone. Other than that, pretty run-of-the-mill.

Waiting Game:
All I can say is: Holy Shit. Emphasis on the capital H and S. Clocking in at a hot 12 minutes flat, this is easily the  fastest delivery I have EVER had the pleasure of taking part in, and I know FOR A FACT these guys are at least 8 blocks away.  I had to run downstairs IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PHONE DELIVERY REVIEW to grab my shit from this bozo. SO fast. Jesus H. Christ.

Grand Great Wall has been knocking my Grand Great Dick (just a hyperbole. It’s super dinky) way back up into my torso all night. That shrimp eggroll was about as good as any other shrimp eggroll I’ve had, and maybe this is the beer talking, but this Beef in Curry Sauce is absolutely, and I mean almost gratuitously, CHOCK FULL O’ BEEF. I expected, at the very least, a very formidable amount of veggies, hence my ordering of the large. But good god was I wrong. I’ll just say this: anyone who WANTED a healthy amount of vegetable matter to go along with their protein intake today would have been severely disappointed. And this beef…bringing the heat. Spicy as all hell. Ok…just found goldmine of onions. An onionmine.

Overall: 8/10

Blown. Away.  These bitches really fucked up my radar. Had no idea they rocked so hard. They are a SOLID 8 blocks away from me and made it in record-fucking-breaking time. Food was bangin’/on point (and/or fleek). These bastards gently took my tits directly off of my body, and blew them away like dead leaves in the brisk autumn wind. Recommend. Wish I could give them a higher 8.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Comin' in hot with the Pimp Limp

Chinese Food to Take Out

**Special Review Section Alert** Name:
Phenomenal. Like one of those clever “Oh, let’s go to That Burger Place,” kinda names. Like a botched, Chinese-English version of ‘something.’ “Babe, what do you want tonight?” “Eh, let’s just get sum’hin good.” BOOM. Sum Hing. And then capping it off with a sub-sentence so expertly foreign, butchered like meat at a deli…played me like a fiddle. If I want cheap exotic food, I want it to be cooked by guys with a VERY basic grasp on the language of the land. Fucking nailed the part.

Phone Demeanor:
Right off the bat, this guy was all business, to the point, no bullshit. “Hello! Sum Hing. What do you want.” They say a little courtesy and pampering the customer goes a long way, but these guys know the game. They’re not trying to sell me something. I’m just trying to buy. That, or he just didn’t have much English. Regardless, ordering lasted about a minute. Solid.

The Waiting Game:
I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes. Waiting for that phonecall, because, again, don’t want to risk my lameass roommates talking to me.
And the eagle has landed! Shit’s here and all accounted for. Total time: probably 17 minutes, and they ran the phone gambit like a pro.

Pro tip: you always run the risk of getting Shanghaied with a shitload of veggies and not a lotta meat, so it’s always a good idea to Google Image search your dish before you order, just so you don’t get boned. I’m gonna pop on the Italian Job with Marky Mark while I chow on this Pork Lo Mein. Haven’t ever sat through the whole thing, and last time I watched it I ended up bumpin uglies with some babe (hey ;) you know who you are). Incidentally, weirdest situational bang-movie: Human Centipede.
Ok so the Shrimp Eggrolls or Shrimp Springrolls, or whatever they are, were off the charts, per ushe. Little skimpy on the shrimps, but they are simply marvelous. Love ‘em. AAAAND just as I suspected, a proverbial butt-load of veggies, ALL UP INSIDE my goddamn Pork Lo Mein. Not ruining the experience at all, however. Tastes great. * Side Note * Along with forks, has all of Eastern Asia just not discovered cheese? Nothing from that region seems to be cheese-based. [Backtracking 2 sentences] SPEAKING OF aforementioned ‘suspect’ things, that is the EXACT word I’d use to describe Mos Def’s acting abilities in this movie. And the mechanic guy. Marky Mark too a little bit. J Stath. Really this whole movie. I’ll give it 3.5/5 stars. This grub, however, gets a well deserved:

OVERALL: 8.25/10 (average score)

I’ve eaten here before; I’ll eat here again. I’m running out of room on this page. Recommend

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Common Drinks

Szechuan * Hunan * Cantonese

Phone Demeanor:
Never been turned on by a real-life Asian girl, but the lady who answered my call took my order SUPER seductively. Soft voice, lots of breathy “ohh, ok, nice,” just strung me along and tickled my pickle the whole time. Closest I’ve come to a phone sex hotline. MORE IMPORTANTLY, this dame asked how I was before even diving into the business hole of things. The language barrier did impede a little bit, as expected with these sorts of interactions, but not a deal-breaker.

The Waiting Game:
Solid 35 minutes. Not great. Honestly started to suspect my lameass roommates of tomfoolery, possibly intercepting my meal for themselves, since, you know, I was wearing my BEATS BY DRE (#namedrop #sponsorship), and those shits cancel out noise like a muh. OH, also, big misstep; specifically asked lil Miss Phonesex to have Mr. Delivery Dickhead call my phone rather than ring the bell. That way I don’t run the risk of my aforementioned lameass roommates having to answer the call and end up interacting with me. She took the request like a pro, and he did not ring my phone. Straight to the doorbell. Someone fucked up and it wasn’t me.

Just ate the Roast Pork Eggroll and decided to write a review, so I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that that was pretty fucking good. So are the Shrimp Eggrolls. To be honest, a little dipping sauce to accompany both of these would have been phenomenal (I tend to be a pretty avid sauce-man). I think I got Beef Chow Mein or some shit. Wasn’t SUPER good, considering they dropped about a half and onion into it (literally, it 2 full pieces of a quartered onion. Savage maneuver, if I do say so myself), but it’s not the worst Chinese dish I’ve ever eaten. I’m gonna go ahead and pop a quick 6 on this one and get on with my life.

OVERALL: 6/10 (averaged score)

Bottom line: I’ll go ahead and recommend this restaurant. First impressions are a big thing, and after being suckered in with the sexy phone lady, Good Taste came to bat with those fucking eggrolls. Couple lapses in the middle kept them from performing to the utmost I know a restaurant can perform, but I won’t hold it against them.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sim Simma! Who got the keys to my Beama

Just a little preview of this next tale in botched hedonism with


Don't you worry your stupid little head, you idiot,
there's gonna be words and shit to accompany
these stunning illustrations. Clue you mutants in
on the story.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Give me a Double Rum and Coke, hold the Coke.

Did some shit for those magnificent bastards over at Fan Bros
Pay them a visit. Or don't. You and I aren't friends anyway.

You suck.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Get the funk out of my face

I spilt some tequila on my keyboard. Now I have to actually concentrate
to push the spacebar. So i tried to fix it by myself. I think I made it worse.

Here's someconcept crap I'm doing for something.

Heard your mom smokes Pall Mall cigs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I've been plowing through A LOT of hot dogs lately. Far more than
any person should. You know what they say, though, Dog Life Don't Stop.
Word on the street is that someone (it's my brother) is trying to rewrite human
history by pushing 100 dogs down his gullet in a single summer. Impossible?
Unhealthy? Morally wrong? Oh hey there, Osama, I didn't see you come in.
Nor did I see your name on the guest list. Have a hotdog your way out.

And here's a couple old things
that I don't know if I've put up

Yeah, or like Judge Dredd


...more like...John Bedouchey,                                              George Clooney
right, ladies? LAUGH GOD DAMN IT                                                                        

Here's a couple turds I shat out for the